Essential Espi Snek informationEdit

Espi the awesome snek.

Espi molts once a month by rolling on the ground.

Espi uses snek dildo. Unsure if sex or masturbation, since Espi is snek.

Espi snek does pee.[1]

Espi snek may or may not be poisonous. Do not recommend eating Espi snek without confirmation.

Espi snek may or may not bite. Do not recommend attempting to confirm Espi snek poisonous status. May result in bite.

Espi snek may or may not be venomous. Do not recommend allowing Espi snek to bite.

Espi snek diet unconfirmed. Espi snek does not eat birb. Espi snek loves the birbies.[1]

Espi snek can be heard in the wild. Espi snek typically calls out "birbies". If threatened, Espi snek defends with a banhammer.

Espi snek communicates via incoherent babble.

Espi snek does not use text messaging, as Espi snek has no thumbs.

Espi snek likes reFrances.

Espi snek is emotional at Ke$ha.

Espi snek is very defender.

Espi snek is BETCH.

Espi snek also has betch - Raven

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